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Welcome to the Power Pop Music News web site : last updated September 6, 2004 (more recent CD reviews appear further down in the "CD Reviews" section --- "Spotlight" reviews represent the cream of the crop playing on my CD player).

SPOTLIGHT reviews:

Various Artists: "It Was 40 Years Ago Today: A Tribute To The Beatles"
(Added September 6, 2004)

Book review --- "Eric Carmen: Marathon Man" by Bernie Hogya and Ken Sharp (released July 2004)
(Added August 30, 2004)

Raspberries "Side 3" (Japanese CD)
(Added August 28, 2004)

Raspberries "Fresh" (Japanese CD)
(Added August 25, 2004)

Raspberries "Raspberries" (Japanese CD)
(Added August 24, 2004)

Raspberries "Starting Over" (Japanese CD)
(Added August 22, 2004)

The Romantics "61/49"
(Added May 9, 2004)

Slade "Get Yer Boots On: The Best Of Slade" (2004 U. S. anthology)
(Added April 13, 2004)

Dave Smalley (of The Raspberries) "Internal Monologue":

New reviews (Updated September 6, 2004 --- Book and CD sections):

Video reviews (book and CD review sections follow below):

Slade starring in "Slade In Flame," a 2004 DVD release in the USA
(Added April 8, 2004)

The Knack: "Live From The Rock 'n' Roll Funhouse"
(Added January 12, 2003)

Badfinger "Badfinger" (produced by Gary Katz)
(Added February 28, 2002)

Book  Reviews (CD section follows below):

"Eric Carmen: Marathon Man" by Bernie Hogya and Ken Sharp
(Added August 30, 2004 --- if you're wondering, the "Don Krider" on the acknowledgements page is, in fact, me)

John Leonard "A Really Big Show" (the story of "The Ed Sullivan Show")

Paul Rosa: "Idiot Letters: One Man's Relentless Assault On Corporate America"
(Added June 16, 2003)

Noddy Holder: "Who's Crazee Now? My Autobiography"
(Autobiography of the lead singer of Slade)
(Added March 16, 2003)

Jay Schulberg, Bernie Hogya and Sal Taibi: "The Milk Mustache Book"
(Should be read by anyone wanting to mount a successful advertising campaign. Co-author Bernie Hogya is webmaster of EricCarmen.Com)
(Added October 26, 2002)

B. R. Hunter: "The Midnight Special, 1972-81"
Added October 4, 2002

Dave Marsh: "The Heart Of Rock & Soul: The 1001 Greatest Singles Ever Made"

Edited by Kim Cooper and David Smay: "Bubblegum Music Is The Naked Truth: The Dark History Of Prepubescent Pop, From The Banana Splits To Britney Spears"

Dan Mantovina: "Without You: The Tragic Story Of Badfinger"

Ken Sharp: "Overnight Sensation: The Story Of The Raspberries"

CD Reviews:

Various Artists: "It Was 40 Years Ago Today: A Tribute To The Beatles"
(Added September 6, 2004)

Raspberries "Side 3" (Japanese CD)
(Added August 28, 2004)

Raspberries "Fresh" (Japanese CD)
(Added August 25, 2004)

Raspberries "Raspberries" (Japanese CD)
(Added August 24, 2004)

Raspberries "Starting Over" (Japanese CD)
(Added August 22, 2004)

Various Artists "Cleveland International Records - 1977-83" (features The Euclid Beach Band, Meat Loaf, Ian Hunter, Southside Johnny, Ellen Foley and many more)
(Added August 19, 2004)

The Rascals "Time Peace: The Rascals Greatest Hits"
(Added August 13, 2004)

Argent "Anthology: A Collection Of Greatest Hits"
(Added August 10, 2004)

Joey Molland's Badfinger "Badfinger"
(Added August 8, 2004)

Eric Carmen "All By Myself" (Collectable Records, 2004)
(Added July 10, 2004)

Cinderella "Once Upon A..."
(Added July 7, 2004)

Brownsville Station "Smokin' In The Boy's Room"
(Added May 14, 2004)

The Romantics "61/49"
(Added May 8, 2004)

Spike Jones And His City Slickers "Musical Mayhem"
(it may not be power pop, but it's interesting)
(Added May 6, 2004)

Slade "Get Yer Boots On: The Best Of Slade"
(Added April 13, 2004)

The Sweet "Desolation Boulevard"
(Added March 8, 2004)

Eric Carmen "Tonight You're Mine" (Japanese CD release) --- includes details on a new Eric Carmen book by Bernie Hogya and Ken Sharp:
(Added January 6, 2004)

Various Artists "A Cowboy Christmas" (Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Tex Ritter and others) --- okay, it's not power pop, but it's cool!
(Added December 15, 2002)

Shaun Cassidy "Greatest Hits" (singing songs he wrote, including one written with Todd Rundgren, as well as songs by Eric Carmen, Pete Townshend, Ian Hunter, Brian Wilson and John Sebastian)
(Added December 6, 2003)

Rick Springfield "Best Of" (British collection)
(Added November 1, 2003)

Various Artists "The British Invasion"
(Added October 27, 2003)

Various Artists "Raspberries Preserved - A Tribute"
(Added October 21, 2003)

SLADE "Wall Of Hits"
(Added October 15, 2003)

Various Artists: "Men In Plaid: A Tribute To The Bay City Rollers"
(Added October 13, 2003)

Eric Carmen "Boats Against the Current" (Japanese 20-bit CD reissue)
(Added September 27, 2003)

Dave Smalley "Internal Monologue"
(Added September 13, 2003)

"Back2Back Hits: The Raspberries & The Babys" (2003 EMI compilation):
(Added August 26, 2003)

Euclid Beach Band "Euclid Beach Band" (Produced by Eric Carmen; 2002 Japanese CD reissue of 1979 LP)
(Added August 23, 2003)

The Zombies "Absolutely The Best..."
(Added August 4,2003)

The Animals "The Best Of The Animals"
(Added July 29, 2003)

The Shangri-Las "20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection --- The Best Of The Sangri-Las"
(Added July 22, 2003)

The Sighs "What Goes On"
(Added July 19, 2003)

Badfinger "The Very Best Of Badfinger"
(Added July 14, 2003)

Three Dog Night "20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection --- The Best Of Three Dog Night"
(Added June 16, 2003)

Farrah "Moustache" (This British band is my pick for the next Raspberries!)
(Added May 26, 2003)

The Monkees "The Best Of The Monkees" (2003 Rhino Records release)
(Added May 7, 2003)

Foreigner: "Foreigner Anthology: Juke Box Heroes"
(Added May 3, 2003)

Stellar Tuesday (3-song demo CD)
(Added April 1, 2003)

Bachman-Turner Overdrive "King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents..."
(Added March 29, 2003)

Swag "Catch-All"
(Added March 25, 2003)

The Association "Greatest Hits!"
(Added March 21, 2003)

The Best Of Cameo (in honor of Black History Month)
(Added February 28, 2003)

David Cassidy & The Partridge Family "The Definitive Collection"
(Added February 27, 2003)

Blood, Sweat & Tears "Blood, Sweat & Tears"
(Added February 23, 2003)

Little River Band "Greatest Hits"
(Added February 20, 2003)

The Romantics "King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents..." (live performance from the radio series)
(Added February 18, 2003)

The Cyrkle "Red Rubber Ball" (Sundazed reissue)
(Added February 14, 2003)

10CC "King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents..." (live performance from the radio series with the band's original lineup)
(Added February 5, 2003)

Various Artists "Poptopia! Power Pop Classics Of The '90s"
(Added February 2, 2003)

The Turtles "30 Years Of Rock 'n' Roll: Happy Together" (5-CD box set)
(Added January 26, 2003)

The Raspberries "Very Best Of..." (2002 release on Cherry Red Records; not to be confused with the 1988 Zap Records CD of the same title)
(Added January 16, 2003)

Debbie Reynolds "Best Of..." (okay, it's not power pop, but my father loves her music --- so, in his honor...)
(Added December 28, 2002)

Thin Lizzy "Jailbreak"
(Added November 17, 2002)

Ken Sharp "Happy Accidents"
(Added November 16, 2002)

Various Artists "Poptopia! Power Pop Classics Of the '80s"
(Added November 12, 2002)

Various Artists "You Can Still Rock In America"
(Added November 11, 2002)

Eric Carmen "The Best Of Eric Carmen" (1987 and 1988 versions)
(Added June 30, 2002)

The King Biscuit Flower Hour radio show "Best Of The Best"
(Added May 15, 2002)

Manfred Mann "Chapter Two - The Best Of the Fontana Years"
(Added May 11, 2002)

Manfred Mann "The Best Of Manfred Mann - The Definitive Collection"
(Added May 9, 2002)

Nick Lowe "Basher - The Best Of Nick Lowe"
(Added March 25, 2002)

Ambrosia "Anthology"
(Added March 18, 2002)

Petula Clark "Downtown: Greatest Hits Of..."
(Added March 14, 2002)

Raspberries "Starting Over" (Japanese CD reissue of 1974 LP)

Utopia (featuring Todd Rundgren and Kasim Sulton): "Utopia"
(Added February 20, 2002)

The Rumors "Mind The Gap"
(Added February 7, 2002)

The Lovin' Spoonful "Greatest Hits (Buddha Records - The Official Collection)
(Added January 30, 2002)

Johnny Horton "Greatest Hits"
(Added January 28, 2002)

Various Artists "The Concert For New York City"
(Added January 26, 2002)

Cheap Trick "Authorized Greatest Hits"
(Added January 24, 2002)

The Knack "Normal As The Next Guy"
(Added January 19, 2002)

Neil Diamond "Millennium Collection"
(Added November 21, 2001)

Gary Puckett & The Union Gap "Super Hits"
(Added October 24, 2001)

The Outsiders "Capitol Collectors Series"
(Added October 18, 2001)

Gary Lewis and The Playboys
(Added September 25, 2001)

Brian Wilson "Live At The Roxy Theatre"
(Added September 19, 2001)

Alice Cooper "Best Of" (Rhino)
(Added September 15, 2001)

Ian Hunter "Rant"
(Added August 15, 2001)

"Shoe Fetish: A Tribute To The Shoes"
(Added August 10, 2001)

Jamie Rounds "10 Great Car Tunes" (Added August 9, 2001)

Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band "Anthology"
(Added August 2, 2001)

Eric Carmen "All By Myself"
(Added July 15, 2001)

Dave Clark Five "History"
(Added June 15, 2001)

The Cowsills "Greatest Hits"
(Added June 12, 2001)

The Raspberries "Greatest Hits" (the year 2000 version with bonus tracks not officially released but still sold by BMG Music Service briefly)
(Added June 5, 2001)

10cc "Very Best Of..."
(Added June 5, 2001)

Stories "Walk Away From The Left Banke"
(Added May 31, 2001)

The Romantics "What I Like About You"
(Added May 22, 2001)

The Drysdales w/Scott McCarl "The Drysdales"
(Added May 18, 2001)

Badfinger "Head First"
(Added May 14, 2001)

The Raspberries "Refreshed" (Added May 3,2001)

The Bigger Lovers
(Added April 12, 2001)

(Added March 3, 2001)

Doug Fieger (of The Knack) "First Things First"
(Added May 11, 2000)

Dwight Twilley: "Between The Cracks: Volume 1"
(Added Jan. 14, 2000)

Scott McCarl (ex-Raspberries) "Play On"

Special thanks:
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